Frontier Aerospace Corporation was incorporated in 2014 and was formerly Frontier Engineering, founded in 1997 by Jim McKinnon.  Jim's extensive background in rocket propulsion and his desire to have the freedom to innovate and explore new technologies led him to start Frontier. 


Frontier focuses on conceptualizing, designing and proving-out innovative in-space and launch system rocket propulsion.  We seek out government research grants and contracts as well as invest internal resources to develop innovative technology primarily in the areas of booster rocket engine components, reaction control thrusters, attitude control propulsion systems and deep space exploration thrusters.


From concept ideation, to product development, to design verification test, Frontier has the experience, resources, partnerships and industry contacts necessary to see complex projects through.  Frontier has a proven philosophy for propulsion development that produces reliable, tested designs that are ready for hand-off for final flight design qualification.

Other Services

Additionally, Frontier can provide outsourced CAD, design and analysis services to aerospace and other industries as well as providing contract labor using our experienced and knowledgeable staff.


Frontier is located in Simi Valley, California near Los Angeles.  The main office is located in a modern business park on Guardian Street and comprises 2400 square feet of office and common space plus 600 square feet of manufacturing floor space.  The building itself is under visual surveillance and alarmed and Frontier maintains a separate internal alarm system.


Frontier is fully equipped with the necessary software and hardware to perform challenging design and analysis efforts:  Modern 3D parametric CAD; structural, thermal, fluid and electromagnetic analysis; purpose-built rocket analysis; material selection/optimization; data management; high-end workstations and laptop hardware; and constantly updated firewall and network security systems.